Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 4/11/17

On Saturday, the English Premier League and Championship return with lower Football League sides all involved in FA Cup matches. The stakes are hotting up in another one of the most competitive seasons in Championship history with the leading pack difficult to separate in the early stages, while the Premier League gaps are also starting…

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Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 28/10/17

Saturday’s footballing calendar is becoming more competitive by the weekend as England’s tiers begin to balance out and competition for places increases. The Acca Tips team have located what we believe to be great value in our weekend both teams to score and win tips for Saturday, picking two home sides from the third and fourth divisions…

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Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 21/10/17

This coming Saturday’s English footballing schedule looks more cutthroat than ever as the league’s begin to balance out and competition for places increases. The Acca Tips team have located what we believe to be superb value in our weekend both teams to score and win tips for Saturday, picking attack-minded sides from League One and League Two…

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Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 7/10/17

The international break is upon us once more and the focus turns to World Cup 2018 qualifying for another weekend and more.  Meanwhile, the majority of English third and fourth tier teams are continuing their domestic league campaigns and Accumulator Tips are keen to find the best betting tips available. This weekend’s both teams to score and…

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Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 9/9/17

The Football League season continues into its sixth gameweek this weekend and we are starting to see the league shape up slightly. Accumulator Tips have researched profusely to find the best statistics and trends, and in the process we have picked out a both teams to score and win double for our readers. Our football tips today include gung-ho…

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Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator Tips for Saturday 2/9/17

With the Football League campaign progressing during the international break, Accumulator Tips have picked out a hopeful Both Teams to Score and Team to Win double for this weekend. Our football tips today include high scoring Peterborough United, who have fired in eight goals in their last two away games – they’re on the road…

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Both Teams To Score and Win Tips

A fairly new football style of betting coupon, yet already so popular, a “Both Teams to Score and Win” simply means that you are placing a bet where both teams need to score during the game and one team — the one you have selected — has to win. Therefore, it is exactly as the name suggests.

What this means in practice is that we would need a score pattern of 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2, etc. If you are not confident on selecting a team to win, you can place your bet using the basic Both Teams to Score market – should your selection end up in a score draw (e.g, 1-1, 2-2), you will still win. Your odds will be decreased significantly as you are not picking a team to win. On the flipside, picking BTTS and a team to win means you will receive large odds as you are in need of more outcomes.

Due to the fantastic odds on Both Teams to Score and Win coupons, it is common to only select two or three games in your bet rather than a large accumulator. If you use the right Both Teams to Score and Win tips and do your research, you can make a lot of money out of this coupon. For example, odds often start at as much as 3/1 for a team to win and both teams to score. Adding several selections to your bet will see some unbelievably huge returns, if the selected teams win and both teams score.

Coupons like the Both Teams to Score and Win are about implementing more fun into your betting process. If you know the sport of football well enough, you are bound to see some good returns on this method, so why not give it a go?

How do I keep my BTTS and Win bets simple?

Until you’re experienced with tracking your bets, keep to just a few selections as much as possible. Look for games that you think both teams WILL score in and pick a result from the options. Keeping uniformity to your betting slips will make it easier to monitor your selections.

Can I back BTTS and draw?

Yes. If you’re confident the game will end in a score draw, you can back BTTS and draw. Equally, if you are certain a game will end as a no score draw; you can back BTTS – NO and a draw.

It’s very difficult to predict draws, so the general advice is to avoid piling up BTTS draws. There’s something about the way your luck turns when you’re backing an even contest – and usually very late into the game!

Are the odds better backing BTTS and Match Result separately?

Ordinarily, bookmakers won’t allow you to do ‘combined bets’ on one match.

If they do, they are usually identical when combined. So if you get odds of 2/1 on Man United to win and 3/1 on BTTS, you can expect roughly 5/1 as your return combined. Your BTTS and Win bet will likely be at these very same odds.

The game ended 1-0 – do I get anything?

Only if you backed the home win and BTTS – NO.

It’s a simple process with BTTS betting – if you back YES, then both teams must score. If you back NO, one or neither team scoring will cause you to win. Adding in the result is simply a way to boost the odds, not a safety net if you get half of the bet wrong – everything must be correct to win.

One team let me down on a BTTS and Win acca – do I get anything?

That depends on the bookmaker in question. Some bookies offer ‘Acca Insurance’ if one selection lets you down, but you won’t receive winnings for the most part. Instead, the stake money will be returned to you as a free bet as a general rule.

It’s better than nothing, and will help advise you about how many selections to back.

How do you know which selections to back?

As always, this comes down to research mostly.

Checking the form guide, looking at clean sheets, top goalscorers and predicted line ups will give you just about everything you need to make a decision on whether you think both teams will score or not and who is more likely to win the game. 

It’s not guaranteed, but you need to maximise the potential of all your resources to make an informed decision. Check out our BTTS and Win tips regularly for expert advice.

I keep losing on BTTS and Win – should I stop backing it?

If you haven’t secured a winner on BTTS and Win, then maybe it’s not the right fit for your betting style. It can be quite difficult to get the measure of all the teams you’ll be backing, so maybe start smaller with match result or basic BTTS markets before you feel experienced enough to back BTTS and Win.

Crucially, if you are losing frequently, ensure you can still afford to gamble without affecting any commitments. When the fun stops, stop.

The odds are very low on BTTS and Win – why is this?

The bookmakers aren’t stupid – they know when a game is likely to see both teams score but an overall winner, so they plan for it to minimise losses.

If a lot of money is lumped on BTTS and Win, the odds will shorten as kick off draws nearer. Equally, if the game is in-play and one team is 3-0 up and content to camp in their own quarters, the odds will be tiny on BTTS and win.

I can’t find BTTS and Win on my bookmaker app – why is this?

Most bookmakers now have a dedicated section for your BTTS and Win accumulators.

For single matches, BTTS and Win generally follows scorecasts and normal Both Teams to Score markets.

Both teams scored and my chosen team won – why haven’t I been paid out?

This is where you need to check the terms and conditions of your bookmakers policy.

For example, a cup final might go into extra time with the score at 0-0. Both sides might score in extra time and your chosen side win, meaning your BTTS and win bet should be correct.

In this example, your chosen team won in extra time and both teams scored, but you might not get a pay out if the bet only covered 90 minutes. Equally, both teams might’ve scored in the opening 90 minutes but your side won on penalties – you may not be paid out on this.

So BTTS and Win doesn’t apply outside of 90 minutes?

Generally speaking, betting markets apply to 90 minutes plus injury time ONLY. If there are changes or allowances, bookmaker customer services can help you out.