Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 4/11/17

On Saturday afternoon, the English Premier League and Championship return with lower league sides involved in FA Cup matches. The stakes are hotting up in one of the most competitive seasons in Championship history with the leading pack difficult to separate in the early stages, while the Premier League gaps are also starting to show.…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 28/10/17

Saturday’s footballing calendar is becoming more competitive by the weekend as England’s tiers begin to balance out and competition for places increases. The Acca Tips team have picked out superb picks with a strong likelihood of landing in our both teams to score tips for this Saturday, choosing two games from League One and one from League…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 21/10/17

This coming Saturday’s English footballing schedule looks more cutthroat than ever as the league’s begin to balance out and competition for places increases. The Acca Tips team have picked out what we believe to be exceptional value in our weekend both teams to score tips, finding two superb Championship selections and one strong League Two pick.…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 14/10/17

Following a two week absence, club football returns to our screens on Saturday with a full card of teams from all over Europe in action, including all four top tiers in England. Last weekend, we were just one goal away from landing a phenomenal 15/4 both teams to score treble and we’re keen to put things…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 7/10/17

The international break is upon us once more and the focus turns to World Cup 2018 qualifying for another six days. The majority of English third and fourth tier teams are continuing their campaigns in the mean time and Accumulator Tips are keen to find the best betting value available. Our both teams to score tips for…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 30/9/17

The final weekend of Premier League and Championship football before the international break is fast approaching and we are bidding for back-to-back Saturday both teams to score winners. Last weekend, our winning treble tip came in comfortably at a huge price 19/4. Our both teams to score tips for this weekend are priced at 18/5,…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 23/9/17

The weekend is approaching once again and our team have been striving to find the best possible both teams to score bets across England’s matches on Saturday. Our both teams to score tips for this weekend include two matches from League One and one from League Two, paying out at a whopping 19/4 – just…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 16/9/17

The Football League season continues into its eighth gameweek this weekend, while the Premier League enters the fifth gameweek, and we are finally starting to understand where particular teams problems lie. Accumulator Tips have researched profusely to find the best statistics and trends, and in the process we have picked out a both teams to…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 9/9/17

The Football League season continues into its sixth gameweek this weekend and we are starting to see the league shape up slightly. Accumulator Tips have researched profusely to find the best statistics and trends, and in the process we have picked out a both teams to score treble for our loyal readers. Our tip today…

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Both Teams to Score Accumulator Tips for Saturday 2/9/17

The Football League season continues, despite the international break sacrificing Premier League and Championship action. Two games have been postponed due to international involvement (Wigan v Northampton, Blackburn v Fleetwood) but there’s still plenty of action from the Football League taking place. Accumulator Tips have picked out a both teams to score treble tip through…

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Both Teams To Score Tips

BTTS is simply an abbreviation for Both Teams to Score. Simple and easy to understand, Both Teams to Score is an extremely popular betting method. In order to win, we will need both teams to score a single goal – or more.

The final score for the game doesn’t matter when placing a Both Teams to Score bet; it can be 5-1, 5-4, or just 1-1. All that matters is that both teams have scored and you’ll have won your Both Teams to Score bet – it’s as simple as that!

BTTS accumulator bets are notoriously extremely fun. You have your set time until the last whistle is blown to win the bet for both of your teams to score, it doesn’t matter one bit who wins! When enjoying your day of football punting, Both Teams to Score accumulators mean you can keep your eye out for multiple games in which you simply need a goal from each time – it’s ridiculously exciting!

The great thing about placing a Both Teams to Score Bet is that a team may be losing 1-0 at half time; however, there is a good chance of the side coming back and securing a point with that much needed goal. Again, this is another example of not only a moneymaking opportunity, but also a way to liven up the games that are taking place on that day.

When placing a Both Teams to Score bet, be check out our reliable Both Teams to Score tips as well as some football betting statistics. This should help you compile a good Both Teams to Score accumulator. Some particular teams are involved in games that seem to promise high scores, so those will be must have picks!

Keep an eye out for attacking teams with weak defences, as they can be a sure bet. This is a great way of finding matches to add to your Both Teams to Score accumulator. Just make sure they have a good enough attack and don’t have miserable form in front of goal.

Teams like Real Madrid, Juventus and Chelsea are likely to have high odds on both teams to score due to their tight defensive habits, while popular Both Teams to Score selections like Man City, Norwich City and Peterborough United are usually reliable at both ends, although odds are reduced.

For example, Man City won the majority of their Premier League games last season but have conceded goals to ‘weaker’ sides in the process. Straight away, you’ve won with this one, so Man City is a good pick for your accumulator.

Both Teams to Score accumulators, and even just single matches, are great fun because the odds you’ll actually come away winning are greater. Take your time and take notice of the form of the teams and in no time you’ll be seeing good results. Remember though, as always, all bets should be taken responsibly, never beet outside of your means and keep things fun.

Will I get better odds for Both Teams to Score Accumulators?

Not necessarily, no. BTTS accas usually generate similar odds to results based accumulators due to the limited number of outcomes. Essentially, BTTS is a 50/50 bet wherein either both teams score or they don’t.

Can I cash out a Both Teams to Score bet?

In some instances, you can cash out a BTTS bet but it is generally simple, multiple selection accas that allow for cashing out.

If you think about it, BTTS as a 50/50 bet means you either win or you lose, so the Cash Out value won’t be worth considering anyway. If you’ve backed a single BTTS and one team is leading 1-0 in the 80th minutes, you are unlikely to be offered much of a reward.

However, there are some instances when Cash Out does work and benefit you greatly for BTTS. If one side takes an early lead and tries to defend it, your Cash Out value may rise as the trailing side applies pressure. Often, we see teams defend a 1-0 lead for nearly 90 minutes and the other side couldn’t hit a barn door. These instances may see a viable Cash Out, though it’s more unlikely.

Can I only back Both Teams to Score, not other alternatives?

With any BTTS bet, you have the option of backing ‘Yes, both teams will score’ or ‘No, both teams won’t score’.

If you back ‘Yes’, then both teams must score for the bet to win – simple enough.

If you back ‘No’, then you’ll still win if one or neither team scores. If the game ends 1-0, 3-0, 5-0 or even 50-0, you’ll still be claiming your winnings as both teams didn’t score.

Can I combine BTTS bets with other outcomes?

Yes. BTTS is a great addition to double and treble bets particularly as it can add some serious weight to the overall odds.

Which league is best for BTTS betting?

How long is a piece of string?

Effectively, there is no answer to this question. One week, you could see every team in a league score and concede, while the next you’ll see four 0-0 draws and several hefty victories to nil – you can’t predict it without researching the games!

Our expert tips are online regularly and will help guide you to glory.

Do own goals count for BTTS bets?

Yes. No matter who puts the ball in the net, or how they put it in, it will count towards your BTTS bets provided the goal itself is awarded.

Famously, Stoke City once scored all of the goals in a particular game (including two for the opposition) – it was a perfectly acceptable BTTS bet, despite one team not physically scoring a goal.

How can I predict whether Both Teams will Score?

You don’t have to be a medium in order to work out which sides are likely to score and which are likely to concede – be sure to check out previous results, leading goal scorers and clean sheet statistics.

There’s no exact science to predicting BTTS bets, but you can make an assessment based on the number of goals a team has scored and conceded in recent games, and whether their leading scorer is set to play in the match.

Other than that, you can’t ‘predict’ it.

The odds aren’t great for BTTS – why is this?

BTTS bets are 50/50 winners – either both teams will score or they won’t, so the bookmakers don’t offer amazing odds due to the simple nature of the bet.

Occasionally, the odds on BTTS will be very strong depending on the game in question. For example, if Barcelona are playing Las Palmas, ‘both teams not to score’ will have very poor odds as Barcelona are a heavily favoured team. ‘Both teams to score’ will have high odds as Las Palmas will be expected to lose to nil.

In these instances, it’s occasionally worthwhile backing BTTS with a low stake for if the unfancied team do manage to score – stranger things have happened!

I can’t find BTTS on the bookies app – where is it?

Generally, BTTS has it’s own section on ‘Football’ pages on bookmaker sites for accumulators.

For single matches, it’s generally alongside the scorecast betting section – it’s easy to overlook given there’s only two outcomes.

Who should I avoid on BTTS bets?

There’s no side to actively avoid on BTTS – every club has a chance of scoring in every game, so there’s no rule to say you should avoid backing a particular team for BTTS.

Derby games generally produce BTTS winners and potential giant killing cup games often see both sides score but it isn’t an exact science – follow our match previews for expert advice and go with your gut instinct.