Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships treble for Wednesday 21/6/17

For Wednesday’s Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships accumulator, we have selected three games which could land you odds of 11/7 if successful. You could turn £40 into £104 should our latest bet come through. So which sides have we backed? Mexico v New Zealand Mexico and New Zealand lock horns at the Olimpiyskiy Stadion…

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Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships Accumulator Tips for Sunday 18/6/17

For Sunday’s Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships accumulator, we have selected three games which could land you odds of 14/3 if successful. You could turn £20 into £115 should our latest bet come through. So which sides have we backed? Portugal vs Mexico Portugal lock horns with Mexico at the Kazan Arena in Group…

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Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships Accumulator Tips for Saturday 17/6/17

For Saturday’s Confederations Cup and U21 European Championships accumulator, we have selected three games which could land you odds of 17/9 if successful. You could turn £35 into £102 should our latest bet come through. So which sides have we backed? Russia v New Zealand Russia welcome New Zealand to the Stadion Krestovskyi in the…

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Accumulator Tips

What is an Accumulator?

An Accumulator, or acca, is a bet containing four or more selections to increase the odds and potential pay out. To win an Acummulator Bet, every selection must win – this isn’t to say you must back teams or horses to win specifically, instead your selection must be right.

The minimum required is four selections but there is no upper limit restriction on Accumulator Betting, if you want to back 250 selections you certainly can but the chances of success are so minute it may not be worth your while.

To be successful with your Accumulators, you need to do some research and have a bit of luck on your side which is where we come in – we do the research, get you the best odds and you bring the luck and together we can bash the bookies.

Whether you’re seeking Accumulator Tips for today, tomorrow or the weekend you will find our bookmaker reviews, previews, betting tips and predictions updated daily with the best advice for you to net a healthy return.

What Markets Can I Include on My Accumulator Bet?

One of the best things about Accumulator Betting is the general lack of restrictions on the markets you can include. You can’t back two teams in the same match with different outcomes as you’re guaranteed to lose (they can’t both win the same game) and trying to add, for example, Rochdale to beat Huddersfield and Huddersfield to lose to Rochdale won’t do you any favours either as it’s the same thing and can’t be done.

You can add first/last goalscorers, both teams to score, outright and anytime bets to your accumulator. In this instance you can back multiple outcomes in the same game, for example: Ronaldo to score first, Bale to score last, Real Madrid to win and a penalty to be awarded in the match is a perfectly acceptable Accumulator Bet and would probably net odds in excess of 25/1.

Can I Cash Out an Accumulator?

In recent years, the Cash Out function has been made available for Accumulator Bets meaning if three of your four selections are in and the last one looks as though it’ll fail you can Cash Out and claim some money back before the bet closes and fails.

Should the tide really be against you, Cash Out also allows you to reclaim an amount of your stake – don’t expect much but it’s better than a total loss. Bet365 even let you Cash Out some of your bet and let the rest ride to the end which can assure you of a safe profit followed by the chance of a little more.

Cash Out prices are updated in real time meaning in the blink of an eye your potential profit could be much higher or significantly lower. Be wise to Cash Out when the moment is right and if you’re a little too early don’t beat yourself up – profit is profit.

Where Can I Get an Accumulator Free Bet?

Most UK bookies offer great Free Bet incentives to their customers, new and existing, so the world is your oyster as far as Free Bets are concerned. Our Free Bets section contains all you’ll need to know about where to look and what you’ll get. For example, Bet365 offer up to £200 in Free Bets matching your first deposit that can be used for Accumulators or anything else you fancy.

How Do I Pick a Winning Football Accumulator?

It is important to remember, no-one has a fix on the market and you cannot guarantee your Accumulator will come in. All you can do is increase your chances through research and good advice.

Too many selections is a cardinal sin for an Accumulator Bet, 30 selections may offer huge odds but keeping track of the action and the chances of it winning are far too slim to bank on. Realistically, you should look at no more than eight selections with a Cash Out option – this will return healthy odds and an option to take the money early if anyone lets you down.

Conduct your research on the last six matches and head to head records and it will paint a picture of the in form sides and who is historically more likely to win. If you prefer the scoring markets over the outrights, Both Teams to Score is an ideal Accumulator Bet and you should look at the form of the attackers in previous matches to assess whether the game will contain goals or whether 0-0 is on the cards.

What is Accumulator Insurance (or acca insurance)?

Offered by several bookmakers, Accumulator Insurance is an incentive that gives you something back if your accumulator loses by one team or outcome. Most commonly, the bookmaker will offer you the stake you placed on the accumulator back as a free bet.

For example, if you put £10 on a six fold teams to win accumulator and one match is drawn WITH Accumulator Insurance; the bookmaker will offer all or some of your stake back as a free bet.

Insurance isn’t offered by all bookmakers and you’ll need to check the terms and conditions before you place your bet but it’s a great way to get something back if a team or a player lets you down at the last minute.

How do I get the Best Odds on my Accumulator?

Using websites such as OddsChecker will give you an overview of the market but you can’t always rely on their information. The sites are usually updated in real time but you need to plan your accumulator a long time before the games kick off.

Backing the favoured sides generally gives lower odds than taking a risk on an upset result but that isn’t to say you can’t get good odds on the likely outcomes. Adding your selections to a betslip online or via bookmakers apps will tell you the odds and your potential returns without having to commit to the bet – check around a few bookies to find the best odds.

It sounds like a lot of work but the returns are well worth your efforts.

Should I Back the Underdogs in my Accumulator?

Research is key with your accumulator bets and backing the underdogs might give the best odds but the chances of winning are much slimmer than going for the predicted outcomes.

Every team has a side they struggle against for one reason or another. Historically, Manchester United struggle to beat Stoke City, Bayern Munich often lose to Augsburg and Everton generally get good results against Liverpool – history tells us a lot about who might upset the form guide but there are still no guarantees.

It’s never advisable to back the long shots as part of your accumulator but you can always back them individually with a low stake if the odds are sizeable.

Should I put on Multiple Accumulator Bets?

Generally speaking, multiple accumulators are a good idea because you can cover more games with less outcomes. Five to seven teams make for the best accumulators; there’s less to go wrong and the odds are still strong enough for you to claim a strong profit.

Backing different outcomes on the same games is a bad idea because you’ll end up with multiple accumulators all hoping for a particular set of results. Stick to your first instinct and back different games on different accumulators where possible.

Which is a Better Accumulator: BTTS or Result?

There’s no finite rule that states a Both Teams to Score acca is superior to a results based accumulator and very little difference in terms of probability. Backing six selections with both teams to score as the outcome will usually generate fairly similar odds to a results acca so there’s no benefit in terms of returns.

Equally, the BTTS bet relies on both teams having in form attackers and leaky defences – not something you expect from Sunderland and Stoke for example. The results betting can be just as difficult to predict but accumulators are about risk taking to net a strong profit.

Essentially, neither is better than the other; it’s all down to preference.