In order to gain the upper hand on the bookies for your accumulator bet, you need to know who’s playing who and how that impacts on their forthcoming fixtures. Here, we have a live feed to fixtures for the entire English Football League and European competitions so you can check on the weekend’s games and who’s got a tricky test coming up in midweek.

Understanding how fixtures can be used to your betting advantage is crucial when putting together your accumulator. For example; if Leicester City are playing Man City at the weekend but both sides are facing strong opponents in the Champion’s League on the Tuesday, you can expect slightly weakened sides to be played and, therefore, less chance of BTTS or the typically predictable result.

You might imagine the wall chart or print out you got your hands on at the start of the season will be enough to get a grasp of the fixtures this coming weekend, but the calendar is forever changing and evolving for many sides across the EFL and Europe thanks to cup competitions and fixture clashes.

Equally, SkySports and BT Sport won’t have chosen all their games for television so some fixtures will be moved as little as two weeks before they are due to be played. A key example of this is Doncaster Rover’s clash with Plymouth that was moved for television broadcasting on SkySports during the FA Cup Third Round weekend – the game was originally meant to be played at 3pm on Saturday and was changed to Sunday.

This sounds like a good thing for the clubs, an extra day to prepare for the game is always welcome, but for the punters it can be a nightmare. Travelling supporters may have arranged hotel stays in advance that need to be altered or cancelled depending on their availability and many fans may not be able to attend on a Sunday for various reasons.

Understanding fixtures is about more than just betting; you need to grasp the concept that things can change at any minute. Another big reason to keep your eyes on the fixtures list is postponements. As much as the bookies will refund your stake if a game is called off, the rest of your acca might come in around it and your bet will have been rendered null and void thanks to the game being postponed.

Keeping up to date with fixtures is vital for accumulator betting because you need to plan your acca in advance. You can’t expect to win every week if you make an assessment on a Saturday morning, especially if you aren’t sure who’s actually playing.

Our fixture feed covers the whole month of games across the leagues and cup tournaments that are broadcast in the UK and only the fixtures that are guaranteed to be covered by UK bookmakers – there’s no point showing you fixtures for games you can’t bet on right?