Looking back on previous results is a crucial part of constructing an football accumulator bet. Results effectively give you all the information on a team’s form in the league or cup competition you’re looking to bet on – a side that’s lost six in a row is unlikely to take down the league leaders but it’s always worthwhile checking how many goals they’ve conceded in the last few weeks just to be sure.

For example, a team that’s on a losing streak but aren’t conceding many goals will pose a threat to a side like Middlesbrough who are struggling to find the back of the net this season. Here’s where the results, and fixture, feeds play a huge part in building your bet.

You could back both teams to score, but it’s very unlikely the team on the losing streak will turn it around – clearly they have problems scoring despite not conceding many goals. The best bet on this would be a draw if you think about it – Boro struggling to score and their opponents are conceding but only one or two against strong attacking sides; you don’t have to nominate the score but you’d be thinking 0-0 right?

That’s how easy it is to get into the mindset of the bookmaker. The bookies look at previous results, historic statistics and lots of other details in order to provide the odds and you can undo all their good work by working out what’s most likely to happen from results and fixtures alone.

Don’t be fooled, however, because the results can sometimes flatter a particular team and make you believe they are more capable of winning than they actually are. A key example here is Arsenal’s 4-0 victory over Swansea earlier in the season where Swansea actually scored two own goals making Arsenal look much better than they actually were.

The Gunners ran out the following week as 2-1 winners over Burnley – they secured a victory but they conceded and really didn’t perform as well as the previous week’s result would suggest. Equally, Swansea bounced back from such a heavy defeat and beat Liverpool 3-2 at Anfield!

Essentially, results don’t give you everything you need to know so use them to your advantage but don’t be sucked in to believing they tell the whole story. Results are a tool to be used in conjunction with the fixtures, tables and highlights if you are to sensibly construct an accumulator bet. They’re a great place to start from in terms of the form guide but then you should look at who each team is playing next to get an idea of team selection, where both sides are in the table and where three points would take them and, finally, keeping an eye on Match of the Day to see if they’re actually as good as the result suggests.