Bet365 has made its name as one of the world’s best online bookmakers. Operating in over 200 different countries, it has a customer base in excess of nine million across the world. Bet365 has a good reputation for offering generous promotions and a secure gambling platform for its players earning their trust as a quality bet making service.

The platform hosts one of the best and most intuitive in-play betting market online, with a focus of ease of use for its players. As well as sportsbook, Bet365 also offers additional gambling opportunities through its range of casino and bingo games.

Bet365 Promotions and Bonuses

There has never been a better time to join Bet365, new customers are able to enjoy an extremely enjoyable and generous welcome offer to get them started on the site. Bet365 are currently in the process of coming up with multiple fresh new offers to attract new customers.

Bet365 are now a main sponsor of the televised horse racing on ITV and ITV and, as such, guarantee to offer the best odds on any race shown on the programme. There are a few conditions such as the guarantee only applies to bets placed after 10am on the day of the race but they do promise to match any better prices offered by Ladbrokes, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral, SkyBet and Boylesports.

In-play Betting at Bet365

The thrill of in-play betting is hard to top, and bet365 uses of all of its technological expertise to deliver a seamless and interactive gaming experience for sports fans. To achieve this, it has integrated live sports streaming capabilities into its website, allowing its players to follow the action in real-time and execute bets when and how they feel necessary.

For fans of the football accumulators there are also split-screen options, so that they can view several in-play games and commentaries as they progress. With all the live games listed on a constantly updated feed, in-play betting has never been easier or more enjoyable.

The live streaming function is available completely free of charge to Bet365 account holders but you must ensure the account is funded in order to view. If the account is empty, but you have placed a bet within the last 24 hours; you can still view the streams but it would be wise to make a deposit to avoid the stream closing before the end of the game/event you are viewing.

Bet365’s in-play marketing is second to none; you can’t have missed the half time adverts featuring Ray Winstone giving you updates on the best price boosts available before the second period kicks off.

Bet365 also offer in-play markets on virtually every televised sport and event imaginable. Enhanced odds are available for everything from American Football to Volleyball and everything inbetween – Bet365 firmly believe they are the authority on in-play betting and it’s hard to disagree with them.

Bet365 Payment Options

Thanks to the online knowledge and know-how that underpins the bet365 website, the process of depositing and withdrawing funds is more secure than ever before. Accepting reputable card payment solutions such as Visa, Maestro and MasterCard (alongside e-wallet options like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and UKash) you can credit your account instantly and access some of the best real-time promotions across the whole of the market. These platforms also enable you to withdraw money within one to three days, without ever compromising your need for security.

Bet365’s payment systems are constantly evolving to make it easier to deposit and faster to withdraw your winnings. At present, Bet365 release funds as soon as you request a withdrawal but it is actually the financial services that cause delays in accessing your money; withdrawals to debit and credit cards can still take up to three working days in worst case scenarios.

To combat these mandatory delays, it is strongly recommended that you use a PayPal or Skrill account for your withdrawals as they are much faster than the archaic banks. PayPal withdrawals can be virtually instantaneous if the payment doesn’t require a security check (commonly under £100) and Skrill withdrawals are guaranteed within 24 hours.

This payment flexibility means there is an option for everyone – even if you need to withdraw your funds urgently.

Bet365 Security

One word that appears above many times is security, and this is something that is important to Bet 365. All of your payments are secure, and as long as you protect your passwords, you will be the only person to have access to your account. In this age of the Internet security is always a priority with any website. With better sites like Bet365 though it is even more important, as your winnings and your betting money have to be protected.

To date, Bet365 have had no recorded incidents of security breaches and they have confirmed there will be additional security measures put in place as and when they become available.

As a word of caution, Bet365 are such a well known brand that they are a prime target for fraudsters to exploit for their own ends. If you receive a suspicious e-mail claiming to be from Bet365; it would be best to contact customer services and check the address is an official Bet365 account.

Bet365 will never ask you to update your payment details after the registration process. You can’t complete an account registration without adding payment details and Bet365 will never ask for money from you; it is your responsibility to update your details and they will never harass you for updates or payments.

Bet365 has found success all over the world because of the fact that it sees you the customer as its most important commodity. The betting they offer and the security they guarantee for you is all focused in making sure that you have fun, instead of having to worry if your money is safe.

Bet365 Customer Service

As part of Bet365’s superb bookmaking service; they have very helpful FAQ’s on their website if you have a question that needs to be answered before you register, bet or make a deposit but if your question or concern isn’t answered appropriately by the help centre; you can trust their customer service teams to help in any circumstance.

Not only can you e-mail their team, which can take up to 72 hours for response, you can also call them on a Freephone number at any time or speak to someone using Live Chat if you’d rather not use the telephone.

From experience, the Live Chat function is superb. Even at peak times, you’ll be connected almost immediately and the advisors are polite, knowledgeable and can get to the root of virtually any problem in minutes.

Bet365 in Summary

Betting is all about having fun and making the most of the sport that you love. It adds excitement to the games and even gives you the chance to win money from your love of sport. When other bets are available that aren’t sports related, this is all about finding the fun out of everything. As with all companies, Bet365 are looking to be a success but also to help you be a success too.

So whether your game is football, you like to bet on race horses, or maybe you look to make some money on the big golf game, Bet365 will have options for you. With new offers and some tried and trusted ones they keep your games fresh and up to date.

You can rely on Bet365 to offer odds on any sport or event you can watch and more often than not they do lead the markets with the best odds, offers and in-play price boosts you’ll find online.

It is a shame that Bet365 are solely an online bookmaker but their superb customer service and telephone betting service mean they are accessible for virtually every gambler. With so many bookmakers moving closer to a majority presence online; you can understand why Bet365 wouldn’t have high street stores and their brand name itself suggests they would require staff to work 365 days of the year so they can be forgiven.

Giving a fast, secure and fun experience has made Bet365 a known name all around the world, and they are going to stay that way. To do this not only do they have to attract your custom, but they also have to show that you can trust them, which is a job they seem to be doing well.

  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Expansive Range of Markets
  • Brilliant In-Play and Live Betting
  • Competitive Odds
  • Popular Features such as Advanced Cash Out betting
  • Huge Selection of Enhanced Odds