If there is something we can be sure of it is that Betfair has certainly earned a reputation for its generous enhanced odds and diverse markets. Offering a range benefits that appeal to a huge demographic of punters, the online bookmaker has something for everybody.

A good example of these offerings would be the Cashback Extra, which allows punters to choose from five refund triggers on selected football, horse racing, rugby and golf events. Betfair also offers a range Poker, Casino, Bingo and slot games through its online platform. The focus is on variety, giving the customer plenty of choice.

Betfair Promotions and Free Bets

It has to be said that Betfair have managed to bring the most and perhaps even the best promotions for betting patrons. At the time of writing, there are fifteen separate betting promotions. As to whether you think these are the best, however, we shall leave up to you.

The reason that Betfair gets our vote is because they have taken the widely available mechanism of the first free bet to a whole new level. They currently have promotions whereby you get your money back if the football match you are betting on has a tight finish, your driver fails to finish the Malaysian Grand Prix and even one whereby they allow you to set the condition of your free bet yourself.

This adds to your betting chances by giving you a second chance to gain a win out of failure if your team has let you down. Sometimes, the comeback can be even more fun than winning all out, even if the actual profit may not be as substantial.

Betfair are very unique in the market as they update their new customer offer more regularly than any other online bookmaker. Generally; the offer will be massively enhanced odds on a particular match or event for new customers only; i.e. Chelsea to beat Middlesbrough at 33/1 from 3/1.

This seems a bit unfair on the existing customers but the huge variety of price boosts and existing customer benefits more than outweigh the new sign up offer. Equally, the new customer enhanced odds usually come with a maximum stake cap of around £20 to avoid Betfair losing massive sums on customers only wagering once to reap the reward of the initial offer.

A very recent addition to Betfair’s offer catalogue is a revolutionary type of Acca Insurance. Their ‘Acca Edge’ bonus offers you your stake back as cash on trebles and above if your accumulator fails by a single outcome. Naturally, you can’t immediately withdraw the returned cash but it does mean you aren’t restricted to a single sum free bet and can repurpose the credit as you choose.

In-play Betting at Betfair

The Betfair website now allows for in-play betting on their website. This gives you the ability to be able to place bets on a game, match or race live after it has already started. The odds are continuously updated in real-time so that you are able to place your bets at the point where you think you have the best odds.

Although other websites may offer a wider range of in play betting, including more unusual options such as cycling, Betfair have focused on the main three: football, tennis and horse racing. Through sticking to the known favourites they confidently offer what they know their customers look for from their website.

This narrowing of the in-play markets allows Betfair to offer better odds than many other bookmakers during the events. They are rarely beaten on in-play pricing and their betslip process is so efficient that you won’t lose out on the best price at any time.

Betfair Payment Options

Betfair have 14 different payment methods which are all free of charge for you to use. These include widely available methods of payment such as by way of Visa, MasterCard or PayPal as well as those which tend not to be as widely available such as Visa Electron, Neteller and Money Bookers.

Furthermore, unlike some of the other payment methods that are available on BetFair, all of these will transfer your money instantly. You should note that the payment options that do not transfer them instantly include Click and Buy (which incidentally is only available free of charge with their promotion), Western Union, a Bank Transfer Express, a normal Bank Transfer and by cheque. Though be aware that some payment options do have a delay applied to them.

As these can take from a relatively short period of time though, such as sixteen hours to even longer periods of time. Cheques for example can take up to seven to ten working days. If you are looking to place your bet quickly but need to use a slower method, it is best to make sure you put money into your Betfair account early.

As with all online bookmakers, withdrawing your winnings can take a few days depending on the payment method you use. Card withdrawals take a minimum of two working days to clear and a maximum of four in most cases but this is not the fault of the bookmaker – instead the funds are released immediately by Betfair and financial services incur delays for security and verification processes.

Some payment methods allow for withdrawals within 24 hours such as Skrill and PayPal but you may be restricted as to where you can access the funds. Betfair also stress that their closed loop payment system means if you have deposited money using a particular payment method; you must withdraw any winnings using the same process.

For example; if you have deposited funds using a cheque – your withdrawal will be sent to you as a cheque in return unless you confer with customer services regarding a bank transfer. The net deposit process Betfair use explains what percentage of your winnings must be withdrawn using which method.

I.e. If 50% of your net deposits have been made using PayPal then 50% of your winnings must be withdrawn using PayPal. Fairly straightforward.

Betfair Security

When you are putting your money into your Betfair account, you trust that it is safe, and this is something that the company can be relied on for. All payments made to the Betfair website are secure, and as long as you keep your password safe only you should be the one accessing it. We all know the importance of staying safe on the Internet, and Betfair is one of the companies you can trust to help you with this.

Betfair’s closed loop payment system is a superb addition to their security system and it is surprising that other online bookmakers haven’t adopted a similar process. It allows for total security when handling payments and withdrawals as only the account holder can request and authorise payments.

To some extent, a lot of the security pressures are passed on to the user as Betfair encourage the use of strong passwords to prevent your payment methods being compromised. It’s a small price to pay to keep your money secure and Betfair’s rigid policy on payments should be encouragement enough – if your account is compromised Betfair cannot be held responsible if a withdrawal is made in your name.

Betfair Customer Service

As one of the leading online bookmakers, Betfair employ a sizeable customer service team to help ensure your gambling experience is positive. Very rarely does anything go wrong with the Betfair app or website but if you have a question or a problem, you can rely on their team to help rectify the issue.

Not only do Betfair offer the traditional phone and e-mail support; they also offer Live Chat which is staffed at all times and their Twitter feed can offer support for any issues discreetly. Obviously, there is the caveat that you tweet sensibly and don’t include any personal or payment information within your tweets and the Betfair Twitter team will move the conversation to a private message if such information is required.

Betfair’s commitment to their customers has actually seen them improve on the traditional contact methods somewhat as their e-mail handling time is between two and four hours making them one of the quickest customer service teams to respond online. This should offer added confidence in the Betfair Customer Service team as many other online bookmakers can take up to 72 hours to respond to e-mails at peak times.

Betfair in Summary

Online betting is fun, and as long as we know to keep to our limits, it is a good way to pass the time. With Betfair they concentrate on an ease of use for their website that lets you concentrate on the fun side of sports and betting. Just like in any form of online gaming, the key is to have fun, and this is something that Betfair manage to offer to their customers.

With betting becoming more and more popular online, Betfair is one of the well-known names, which gives them an edge when it comes to success. Through understanding what the customer expects of them, and listening to what you find fun they continue to be one of the betting companies at the forefront of online betting. Whether it be football, horse racing, golf or any other sport, Betfair are a company you can trust to provide you with fun, fast and secure betting excellence.

Always remember, Betfair chose their name for a good reason; they are very efficient and experienced but they are also incredibly fair to their customers. As much as this means they give great prices and excellent support; it also means some of the responsibility for security rests with the customer themselves – you can’t expect Betfair to bend their rules to help you if you haven’t done much to help yourself!

  • £30 Free Bet
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Huge Range of Markets
  • Great In-Play and Live Betting
  • Competitive Odds, Best Price on all English Football
  • Popular Features such as Cash Out and Price Rush
  • Huge Selection of Enhanced Odds and offers