Betway – the flagship of the Betway Group, was launched in 2006 and has managed to gain over 1.5 million customers worldwide. The online bookmaker and casino brand operates from Malta where it is licensed and regulated under the supervison and control of the LGA.

Betway Promotions and Free Bets

Betway offers new customers a free £30 bet when you place your first bet of £10, along with the option to opt in to Free Bet Club, where £10 will be given in free bets every week.

Betway offer a safety net on horse racing wagers, whereby players can claim their money back if their chosen rider finishes second in a selected race. What this provides is a feeling that not all is lost if only one piece of the jigsaw is missing. This can be very important to players when they are taking a high-risk bet that does not work out the way they wanted it to.

In-play betting at Betway

Having the option to place money back bets only adds to the thrill of in-play betting, especially for those recreational players who do not want to risk their hard earned money too aggressively. This option, alongside the live nature of in-play betting, and the fact that you can respond to real-time events to improve your odds of success, creates a fun and interactive environment where players can enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.

Betway have a very strong focus on the in-play markets and will highlight enhanced odds and price boosts during events while you monitor your bets. It may seem as though the bookmaker is simply encouraging you to gamble more but the odds massively outweigh any scepticism – you can’t deny a big offer is tempting whether things are going your way or not.

The bookmaker’s policy on in play betting is to try and turn your laid bets into greater profits as the event or match progresses – they may benefit from increased trade and greater risk of loss on the customer’s part but you can’t deny the excitement you get from adding an outcome to your betslip during the game.

An old gambling adage suggests things matter more when a greater amount of money is invested. Through accumulators and Betway’s in-play feature, this certainly adds a dimension to the traditional sports viewing experience.

Betway Payment Options

Whether you want to take action of recently acquired football accumulator tips or place a bet, however, you will need to credit your account. This is usually required to activate bonus offers too, as you place a deposit that earns a cash reward for financial incentive.

To credit your account with Betway, you simply need to access one of a range of card and e-wallet payment options and register these to your account. You can choose from Visa (Debit and Electron), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash and alternative options to credit your account, each of which will allow for instant transactions that support live betting.

All we can advise is to check the terms and conditions for payments in Betway’s help centre; the last thing you want to do is make a hefty deposit with a particular bet in mind only to realise the funds will take a long time to clear and, worse still, the bet could come in without you having chance to stake on it.

Always be sure to check though that there are no required clearance delays on this payment styles. Though you shouldn’t have this issue with your credit or debit card, or e-wallet payment this can sometimes be the case. It is always best to be prepared if you are looking to make an instant bet.

The same rule applies to withdrawals; card withdrawals will always take a number of working days to clear so you can’t rely on the funds in your account for urgent payments unless you use a service such as Skrill which clears within 24 hours. Planning ahead is important when gambling whether you’re depositing funds or withdrawing them – the responsibility lies with you and not the bookie.

Betway Security

When you are paying money into your account, and more importantly when you are taking out your winnings, you want to feel safe. This is something that Betway take very seriously, and they work hard to make sure that all payments are secure, and there is no unauthorised access into your account. Keeping your password safe will always help in this, but Betway also use all the up to date technology to keep your money safe.

You may notice significant delays when accessing your private information with Betway but this is for security purposes. Your Betway account is protected by a secure server and they delay is incurred when the server puts its guarding around your information – most online bookmakers provide this service along with verified by visa and other payment security systems; embrace the delays because they are for your benefit.

When you are looking to make bets, you don’t want to have to be second guessing the safety of your money. Betway make sure that all their transactions are secure and that you can concentrate on what is important. When building up accumulators or watching the end of the horse race you can be sure that your bet, and the money you may be winning are in safe hands.

Betway Customer Service

It is actually quite difficult to find support on the Betway site but they do offer customer support in the form of 24:7 telephone, Live Chat and E-Mail options. There’s no indication of how long it will take for the e-mail team to get back to you so you’re probably best to opt for Live Chat if you don’t want to use the telephone option.

Aside from these contact details, the FAQ section is practically non-existent. As part of the main Betway Partners website; there is an FAQ section but the section referring to the bookmaker is very small and more geared towards corporate enquires.

In brief, if you have a problem, big or small, you’ll need to speak to someone for help. Live Chat is a great choice because the advisors come to your aid quickly and they can solve virtually any problem that doesn’t require some evidence from you such as verifying your identity with tangible ID. Even then, they’ll ask for scans or photos to be sent via e-mail so you needn’t worry about calling a Freephone number from your mobile.

Betway in Summary

Through making use of the latest technology to offer you the best service available Betway are making your experience better than ever. With in-game play, accumulators and other offers there are plenty of services available to keep things interesting. Through the understanding of the needs of you the customer, Betway make sure that your betting experience with them is a friendly, safe, and intuitive time, where the focus is on placing the bet you want to, and not fighting the website to get what you want.

It has to be said, on the other side of the coin, that Betway’s reliance on technology detracts a little from the traditional bookmaker style we’ve become accustomed to and the new customer offer is confusing and needs to be explained in detail to get right. Thankfully, there’s a lot of support available but no FAQs for those who like to do things for themselves – it’s customer service or nothing with Betway.

The main success Betway and other services can have is not only to make money, but to keep the customer happy. This is what they manage to do now, and concentrate on doing in the future, which is a good sign for things to come.

Betway free bet
  • £30 Free Bet
  • Great Customer Support
  • Huge Range of Markets
  • Great In-Play and Live Betting
  • Competitive Odds
  • Popular Features such as Cash Out and Free Bet Club
  • Huge Selection of Enhanced Odds and offers