If there is one sportsbook that can truly claim to have the peoples’ interests in mind, Paddy Power is it. A relative newcomer to the betting market, it uses innovative and customer friendly promotions to win their hearts while also being able to compete aggressively with established high street rivals.

One of the first sports betting brands to offer fun and potentially lucrative accumulator bets and the innovator of ‘money-back’ wagers on special sporting events, Paddy Power has emerged as a key player in a crowded and prosperous market!

Paddy Power Promotions and Free Bets

Paddy Power has always invested its time in developing creative and popular free bet options, which offer genuine value to its customers. Not only does the brand continue to offer money back specials and enhanced odds that boost chances of winning but also they also give the opportunity to win big. All this while also having a number of welcome packages to suit gamblers of all descriptions and skills.

Through a little use of innovation and a dose of imagination, keeping things fresh for the players is always important. The last thing that Paddy Power wants is for you the customer to become bored with offers, so you can be sure they’ll come up with new ways to keep you entertained.

For example; Paddy Power’s current new customer offer is a very straightforward: bet £10, get £30 offer. They do stress on their website that simply making a deposit isn’t enough to access the free bets; you have to place a wager with a £10 stake in order to make use of the bonus. Three £10 free bets is a fairly average incentive but it makes it easy to use them within the prescribed time limit which isn’t actually announced by the bookies so you’ve got a case if they withdraw them from you.

It is clearly explained, however, that your first bet of £10 will qualify for the free bonus assuming you wager on odds of 1/2 or greater. If the price has been enhanced, make sure the original odds were at least 1/2 otherwise the bet won’t qualify for the bonus.

Paddy Power are also well known for their sense of humour in advertising and often feature novelty bets that will earn you bonuses. A recent example of this incentive was a free bet stake refund if any player was sent off in the Liverpool v Manchester United match – a game known for bad challenges and iffy refereeing decisions.

For those who enjoy wagering on football accumulators, one of the best promotions allows you to get £20 free (in the form of four free £5 bets) when you first credit your account with £10. Giving you even more chances of making a bit more cash.

In-play Betting at Paddy Power

While all established sports betting brands offer in-play betting, some make it a key feature of their marketing offers. Paddy Power is one of those who include these offers, with a list of live matches from around the world constantly displayed on the website’s in-play feed.

The site also offers live streaming and real-time commentaries, so customers can follow their chosen game before making a commitment. This makes it easier to follow bets and execute new ones over the course of a game, optimising the viewing experience and making sport the interactive discipline that it was always intended to be.

Even if you aren’t using the Paddy Power app or website to track your bets; their television marketing will still allow you to access the in play markets as enhanced odds are often displayed at half time and even on sponsor boards during matches.

The in play boosts are often limited to match results and next goalscorer markets with Paddy Power but they understand these are two of the key in play markets for football punters. It is worth keeping an eye on the markets, especially after a goal is scored in the game in question, as Paddy Power’s boosts are some of the most generous across the online bookmaking spectrum.

This interactivity with between Paddy Power and its customers adds to the fun of betting, and adds a little something different to the games. Through understanding how you watch football and other sports, they tap into what makes betting on games fun.

Paddy Power Payment Options

If you want to deposit money into your Paddy Power account there are plenty of ways for you to do this. The aim of is to make getting to the important stuff like interacting with live games easier and your main priority. You don’t want register to the website only to find your card is not accepted.

In terms of card payment options, you can credit your account using a Visa Credit, Debit or Electron, MasterCard or Maestro Switch. From an e-wallet perspective, those who hold accounts with PayPal, Neteller and Skrill can also make a deposit and withdraw funds too. These payment options all enable players to credit their accounts instantly, so there is every opportunity to bet spontaneously while taking advantage of favourable, in-play odds.

As much as you can deposit instantly; withdrawals will be subjected to delays imposed by financial authorities in most cases. Card withdrawals can take anything up to five working days depending on your provider so it is best to check the FAQs for an outline of how long it will be before you can access your winnings.

From experience, the first withdrawal with Paddy Power can be infuriating if you aren’t prepared to verify your identity with the bookmaker. They are happy to accept a deposit with no verification but when it comes to accessing your funds; you will be required to provide some evidence of ID such as a driving licence or Passport number – quite why isn’t overly explained as someone attempting to fraudulently access your account would probably have this information but it remains a part of their protocol.

Paddy Power Security

One thing that is important for websites is the ease of use for its customers, and this is especially important for Paddy Power. Sign up, setting up the account and more importantly paying the bets are simple to do, but most importantly secure.

In the age when one of the number one concerns for the customers, you need to be able to trust the website you are spending money on. If you are going to win big on Paddy Power, you need to know that your money is safe. With secure transactions, you can always be sure that Paddy Power are protecting you. Always be sure to keep your password safe though, just to make sure that you are staying as secure as you possibly can too.

As mentioned, the verification process required for your first withdrawal is considered a crucial part of Paddy Power’s security system but it remains irritating, especially if you have enjoyed a big win as the whole process can take up to seven days in worst case scenarios. It may be best to verify your identity with customer services before you place your first bet to avoid the issue.

Through staying secure and safe, then you can concentrate on the fun side of Paddy Power. They can handle the hard part of keeping your bets safe, and you can concentrate on backing the right team, horse, or whatever else you have bet on.

Paddy Power Customer Service

As we all know, Paddy Power’s marketing relies heavily on its sense of humour but the customer service team are incredibly serious about their jobs. In the instance you cannot find the answer you need in their extensive help section; their customer service team are available via e-mail (with a delayed response time) and telephone between 8am and midnight Mon – Sat and 9am to midnight on Sundays.

Live Chat seems to be sporadically available with Paddy Power which is a shame. The link itself isn’t present on the contact page but appears on some pages across the rest of the website making it difficult to actually get through to an advisor in the first place.

Equally, if you are using an ad blocker (as we do), you can’t access Paddy Power’s help centre as it runs on a java program that most ad blockers consider to be a threat. It isn’t, we can confirm, it is simply a help centre app that is presumably easier for Paddy Power to update than a static page – you will be subjected to a few banners and pop ups however.

Paddy Power in Summary

Websites of all kinds find success quicker through being easy to use. Through understanding its users, Paddy Power makes the process of becoming members and interacting with their sports all the more fun.

From the look of things, they will be continuing this into the future to make sure not only the website is a success, but also you as the customer have the best experience possible while betting on your favourite games.

Obviously, Paddy Power rely heavily on their sense of humour to draw customers in and to advertise their odds and offers but they have recently been subjected to some criticism for their materials. Offensive materials have found their way on to Twitter and Facebook regarding some sensitive topics in the sporting world and, if you are easily offended, it may be best to look elsewhere for a bookmaker to suit you.

Assuming you can handle a bit of satire here and there, Paddy Power are a great option offering much more than just sports betting and casino games; their novelty markets are something other bookmakers should consider quite seriously.

  • £30 Free Bet
  • Incredible Customer Support
  • Huge Variety of Markets
  • Amazing In-Play and Live Betting
  • Competitive Odds, Crowd Powered Prices and Loyalty Club offers
  • Popular Features such as Cash Out and Cash Card PPlus
  • Huge Selection of Enhanced Odds, Money Back Specials and offers