A company like Sky Bet has to make an impression on the customer if they are going to be a success. Through a friendly user experience that is easy to use and maximises the potential of the technology available, they are looking to not only be a success, but to keep their customers happy.

Sky Bet offers both professional and recreational gamers the chance to win big across a range of betting activities. Vast and interactive, the Sky Bet sportsbook offers something for everyone and delivers the kind of immersive experience that helps to put it ahead of other competitors.

Sky Bet Promotions and Free Bets

As you would expect from such a stellar sports betting brand, Sky Bet offers a range of viable free bets and incentives to keep their players interested. Fans of sports betting and football accumulators can register for an account, deposit £5, and qualify for a free £20 bet.

This free £20 bet can be redeemed across any sport featured on the website so there are plenty of options to fit the player’s tastes. This is a key part of their strategy, concentrating on keeping the players access to the best gaming odds on the market. This plan helps them to have a long-term success for themselves, but also the players who bet on their website.

Alongside this new customer bonus; SkyBet do more for their existing customers than just about any other online bookmaker. The most popular offer is to join SkyBet Club, where £25 spent in a week will earn you a £5 free bet. From the free to enter Super Six competition where a jackpot of £250,000 is on offer; to the sheer number of price boosts they offer on every game played in the English Football League – you’ll have to look hard to find fault with SkyBet.

In-play Betting at Sky Bet

In terms of the in-play betting market, Sky Bet has a huge advantage over its rivals. More specifically, it offers players access to a wider range of live television streams and commentaries. This can be invaluable to those with a penchant for placing multiple or football accumulator bets.

One of the most important things for people who place accumulator bets is to keep informed as to how each going is progressing. Through using the live televisions streams and added commentaries the customer can keep up to date with all of the important information.

SkyBet have even turned in play betting on its head by putting a lot of focus on the Cash Out function for those who are a bit too nervous to watch their bets ride to full time. Their Cash Out Boost offers an additional sum to gamblers who choose to cash out during the game up to a maximum of £50 – effectively you can win as much from Cash Out as you could from letting it ride – in play revolution.

This focus on helping their customers maximise their betting potential underlines Sky Bet’s mantra ‘It Matters more when there’s Money on it’. Through having access to live action and real-time, in-play betting takes the concept of interactive gaming they are able to reach new levels. Whether you gamble alone or with friends and family, Sky Bet helps you to feel closer to the action than ever before which is undoubtedly the future of the betting experience.

Sky Bet Payment Options

Before you place your accumulator or stake your money on an outside horse, however, you will need to credit your newly registered account. This is required to access a first deposit bonus, unless the brand is offering a free welcome bet for a limited period then the rules are changed to accommodate it.

To credit your gambling account instantly and jump straight into the live, in-play market, all you need to do is register one of the recognised payment solutions. These are Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Lazer or PayPal. You can also withdraw money through one of these solutions, although this process may take a little longer (between one or five working days).

There’s no avoiding withdrawal delays unfortunately, even after several years using SkyBet as our main bookmaker, we still experience significant delays when withdrawing winnings with any service other than PayPal.

However, even PayPal can subject your withdrawal to delays if they feel it necessary to run security checks on the funds. This happens more often than you might imagine, even with a very active PayPal account so it’s wise to allow plenty of time for your funds to clear if you are planning to make a withdrawal.

Being responsible with your money is crucial to enjoying gambling so don’t let things get out of control by depositing more than you can afford to or relying on a withdrawal for another commitment.

Sky Bet Security

Sky Bet are always working to keep your money safe, and you can be sure that all transactions are secure and your money is handled well. When you make your password for the site, always keep it safe so that you can help them to keep your details secure too.

In this age of the Internet where there may be dangers out there, Sky Bet work with you to make sure your betting experience is a happy one. Protecting you from the dangers that are out there, they protect your money from theft and make sure the money goes to the right place. This means that you can then concentrate on the important thing, placing the bet and if you are lucky winning big.

Without wishing to sound arrogant; we put a lot of money through SkyBet on a monthly basis as a team and we have yet to experience a single issue with regards to their security processes. Deposits are made securely using verified systems and withdrawals are always handled securely – there are no records of SkyBet’s security ever being breached and that is unlikely to change in the future.

Security is always key, especially with companies like Sky Bet, and you can be sure that they take it very seriously. Your bets are safe in your Sky Bet account, so just make sure that your passwords keep that account secure too. It isn’t much for the bookmaker to ask when you consider everything they have put in place to protect your money and your details.

SkyBet Customer Service

SkyBet’s customer help centre is one of the largest and most comprehensive helpdesks we’ve ever encountered. At first glance, you’ll be met with a list of the top topics for support over recent days and categories for a variety of queries such as log in problems, verification assistance and account services.

There is also a very useful search function that works in a similar way to most modern search engines wherein your enquiry will be stripped down to its keywords by the program and articles will be listed in order of relevance to your problem – nine times out of ten the first suggestion is the perfect solution to your enquiry.

Where the help centre is let down slightly is the contact form. A drop down menu asks you to identify the overall topic of your enquiry and you are then directed to the help centre’s suggested contact method. Overall, this is quite unnecessary as you can select whether you’d prefer to call, chat or e-mail once you’ve inputted any of the categories – a needless step that delays assistance.

Once you actually select a contact method, the staff are very pleasant and do all they can to help you resolve your problem – our personal recommendation is the Live Chat function which connects you almost immediately and saves hanging on the telephone or waiting for a response to your e-mail.

Sky Bet in Summary

With an aim towards ease of use and an eye for maximising the potential of the Sky Bet experience, the company are not only customer focused, but also looking towards a successful future. It seems fair to say with the experience that Sky Bet provide, that a future on their successful future is a safe bet.

As the preferred bookmaker of our chief match preview author; SkyBet have come a long way in recent years to stand amongst the competition as the authority on odds, bonuses, in play and coverage – they really do offer the complete package and we’re happy to promote SkyBet in every preview we publish.

From great odds and offers to superb customer service, when you get through the form, SkyBet have created a gambling experience that is on par with any other you’ll find online.

  • £20 Free Bet
  • Fantastic Customer Support and App
  • Huge Range of Markets
  • Great In-Play and Live Betting
  • Competitive Odds
  • Popular Features such as Cash Out and SkyBet Free Bet Club
  • Huge Selection of Enhanced Odds, regular Price Boosts and offers